Freelancer Database with crypto

It is the first step of this platform where freelancers from all over the world come together with crypto currency (FLDB) in secure. New crypto listing soon...

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How to buy FLDBcoin?

Follow the steps to buy FLDB coin.

  • Register to FLDBcoin app
  • Login to the website and click Buy Token Now
  • Choose the currency which you want to pay with
  • Enter Amount of contribute and click Make Payment
  • Choose Pay with CoinPayments, click Buy Token Now and finish the process.
  • For more details watch the video.
road map

Road Map

2018 Q4

Concept Generation Identifying Team Tasks

2019 Q1

Proving and developing the concept that it can work

2020 Q4

Whitepaper Completion

2021 Q2

Prepare the backend for token launch

2021 Q4

Starting ICO sales

2022 Q1

Implementation coin transfer peer to peer Implementation of the withdraw panel

2022 Q2

FLDB listing at major crypto exchanges

2022 Q3

Launching design of Freelancer Database Portal FLDB listing at local crypto exchanges

2023 Q1

Freelancer Database Portal project launched. Announcing the first big partnership FLDB listing at crypto exchanges

2023 Q2

Launching beta version of Android and iOS App FLDB listing at crypto exchanges

2023 Q3

Launching full version of Android and iOS App FLDB listing at crypto exchanges

2023 Q4

FLDB listing at major global crypto exchanges

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Freelancer Database

The best choice for each budget

Find high-quality services at every price point. There is no hourly rate, just the pricing based on the project.

Finish high-quality work quickly

Find the right freelancer and start working on your project in minutes.

Payments protected at any time

Always know what you will pay in advance. Your payment will not be issued until you approve the work.

Perfect business solution

Use a powerful workspace to manage team cooperation and increase productivity



Token Sale

  • Token name:FLDB Coin
  • Ticker Symbol:FLDB
  • Currency Symbol Image:fldb icon
  • Starting Price Pre-ICO:$0.005
  • Ending Price Pre-ICO:$0.015
  • Maximum FLDB for Sale:10 billion
  • Minimum Purchase:20$
General description

FLDB will be released on the basis of Binance Smart Chain.

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Refer friends

Share the FLDB token Launchpad ICO referral link with your friends via private messages or as posts in social media, videos or articles.
We will give %20 FLDB reward for each investment you recommended and your friend get %5 FLDB bonus.


Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply -

  • 50% Token Sale
  • 12% Founders and Team
  • 10% Advisors
  • 10% Distribute to Community
  • 10% Bounty campaign
  • 8% Partner Ship

Payment Solution Partners



Frequency Asked Questions

The company will be provide a platform for freelancers to provide services to customers worldwide. Tokens will be widely used in the webpage as a cash in the short term. 

FLDB will operate by allowing buyers to pay for “gigs” in advance, which is any type of freelance service, from web design to social media marketing to copywriting

Tokenization is the process of issuing tokens for organizations, individuals, or other set purposes. Tokens can be used as stocks, payment currency or as a unit of debt or loan.

Technical research shows that tokenization may be the next revolution after the introduction of the Internet. Tokens provide a wide range of possibilities for companies to conduct crowdfunding, decentralized loans or decentralized voting projects. FLDB Coin hopes to become the largest platform for this revolutionary large-scale tokenization.

FLDB is the short of Freelancer Database. We wanted this name to fit the work we do. In addition to being catchy, we planned it to be original and reliable.

Yes, you can invest in FLDB tokens-the core of the FLDB Coin platform. You can click here to watch how to invest in FLDB tokens. 

Yes, according to EU laws and regulations, we are a fully regulated limited company.

Currently, we are looking for FLDB token ambassadors and team members based on our career section. Please send an email to [email protected]

FLDB Token is the core of the Freelancer Database Coin platform. FLDB tokens are being traded on exchanges and can be purchased during the FLDB Launchpad ICO. FLDB is a safe and practical coin based on blockchain with real basic value. Freelancer Database Coin aims to develop FLDB in the long term, making it the next large cryptocurrency.

FLDB coins can be purchased on the Launchpad website during the FLDB Launchpad ICO. Due to its security and liquidity, we strongly recommend using the Launchpad website as an investment medium.

At the end of the Launchpad ICO, FLDB will be listed on 10 other exchanges, including major exchanges. At the end of 2022, FLDB will be listed on 10 exchanges including 2 major exchanges.

No, FLDB tokens are pre-mined and distributed according to our white paper. You cannot mine FLDB.

The FLDB Launchpad ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will be the main financing activity of the FLDB coin project. During Launchpad, investors can purchase up to 50% of the total supply of FLDB tokens. FLDB Launchpad ICO will be different from other ICOs because it will support fiat currency payments, include multiple rounds of financing, have a premium membership program, and most importantly, will be executed based on the deployed token-FLDB.

The funds raised during the FLDB Launchpad ICO will be used to build the FLDB ecosystem, establish long-term partnerships, and promote FLDB Coin in the international community, academic groups and universities.

The FLDB Launchpad ICO will be conducted on our own platform, which is built on the FLDB Coin website.

The FLDB Coin affiliate program is a recommendation-based activity conducted during the FLDB Launchpad ICO. During this event, you can generate your reference link, share it with your friends, and earn 20% of FLDB invested by every person you refer. And your reference earn %5 bonus. 

You need to register on the FLDB Launchpad ICO website and generate your unique reference link in the affiliate section. All you need to do is send your unique citation link via private message and post it in your social media, video or community article. We will reward each of your investors from your recommendation.

Everyone can participate in affiliate marketing activities. The only requirement is to register an account on the FLDB Launchpad ICO website and agree to the affiliated terms of use.

You can promote FLDB Launchpad ICO through white hat marketing solutions. Accept all content related to friend recommendations, articles, YouTube videos, direct messages, or post sharing. We do not accept illegal marketing activities such as offensive email spam or false news sharing.

Everyone can participate in affiliate marketing activities. The only requirement is to register an account on the FLDB Launchpad ICO website and agree to the affiliated terms of use.

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